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6 Must Have Supplements For Tackling Oestrogen Dominance

Here’s a list of  6 supplements taken straight from my latest Ebook: Lean Warrior Programme – Combating The Oesotrgen Effect. These are all great for reducing inflammation in the body and balancing out your hormones especially if you’re oestrogen dominant and want to get lean. 1. Zinc is a mineral which enhances testosterone and also

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Overweight? 6 Simple Ways To Diagnose Oestrogen Dominance

The environment today is highly oestrogenic, causing oestrogen dominance in men and women all over the world. Oestrogen dominance can have a drastic effect on your mental, physical and sexual well-being. Here’s My 6 Simple Ways To Diagnose Oestrogen Dominance 1) Consistently storing unwanted body fat particularly around the abdominal area and hips but also the

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Are You Getting The Results You Really Want?

A lot of people tell me that they’re hitting the gym and I always compliment them on their habits and good intentions. However, I always ask them… “Are you getting the results you really want?” 90% of the time I get an absolute no and then asked if I could give them any quick tips

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The Testosterone Effect

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones when it comes to holding onto our youth, strength and virility. It also helps us to maintain a healthy mental state, high sex drive and a lean body composition. From an exercise perspective, compound movements are great for stimulating the production of testosterone, which helps  strengthen the

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