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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Dietary Fats

How much fat are we eating? As a nation we are eating less fat overall, however the balance of fats is not quite right. Currently, saturated fatty acids provide ~13.3% of food energy for UK adults & the recommended amount is 11%. Eating high amounts of saturated fat & consuming

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4 Causes Of Old Age And What To Do About It

As we grow older, an active lifestyle becomes more important than ever. While it may seem like good a reasons to slow down and take it easy, there are actually a lot of good reasons and research for why you should get moving and become more conscious of our health

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VIDEO: Is A Low Carb Diet Healthy?

Here's the latest video in my new series, answering the questions that matter most to you. Question -  Is A Low Carb Diet Healthy? Quick Video Summary  A low carb diet is effective for lowering body fat over a restricted phase.  Re-introduce healthy carbs when you are at or below

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A Nutritionist’s Opinion On The Ketogenic / Low Carb Diet

Are you following a super restrictive or ketogenic diet? Cutting out all carbs? Looking to reduce your body fat percentage ASAP or sharpen up your abs? Then maybe you should read on... What Is The Ketogenic Diet? The ketogenic diet is very high in fat, adequate in protein and very

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10 Healthy Eating Resolutions From A Nutritionist

What are your New Year's resolutions? To lose 2 stone? To detox/cleanse? To eat less? What if I told you, you could EAT MORE to look and feel great WITHOUT the need for a drastic diet or extreme exercise regime? It's true - NO starvation diet needed! Most New Year's

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A New Year’s Guide To Great Skin And Health

Recently I sat down with Nicholie, one of my clients, a professional Hairstylist and Makeup Artist who owns a company called Beautestry covering photography, runway, TV, music, bridal and courses. Our aim was to find a way to combine her top tips for keeping her clients and her own skin

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VIDEO: Is Coconut Water A Fad?

Here's the seventh video in my new series, answering the questions that matter most to you. Question 7 - Is Coconut Water A Fad? Quick Video Summary  Coconut water is most effective during workouts.  Coconut water is particularly effective during strength training.  Coconut water helps with muscle recovery and hydration as

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11 Ways To Avoid Emotional Eating This Christmas

It’s extremely easy to overeat during the festive period, when stress levels are high and comfort food is all around us. We’ve all been there with cravings hitting at any time and for those who tend to eat for emotional reasons it can be very hard to stop. In order

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A Nutritionists Guide To Better Christmas Eating

Over the Christmas period it’s far too easy to eat more than planned leaving us feeling uncomfortable & bloated. With most people eating around 5,000 kcals on Christmas Day alone, here are my top tips for keeping your stomach flat and helping promote healthy digestion during the Festive period. Stick

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6 Must Have Supplements For Tackling Oestrogen Dominance

Here’s a list of  6 supplements taken straight from my latest Ebook: Lean Warrior Programme – Combating The Oesotrgen Effect. These are all great for reducing inflammation in the body and balancing out your hormones especially if you’re oestrogen dominant and want to get lean. 1. Zinc is a mineral

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