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Oestrogen dominance

VIDEO: I Work Out, Why Do I Still Have Man Boobs?

Here's the fourth video in my new series, answering the questions that matter most to you. Question 3 -  I Work Out, Why Do I Still Have Man Boobs?  Quick Video Summary  Fat in the pec is caused my excess oestrogen.  Reduce alcohol and sugar intake to reduce oestrogen dominance.  Do these

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6 Must Have Supplements For Tackling Oestrogen Dominance

Here’s a list of  6 supplements taken straight from my latest Ebook: Lean Warrior Programme – Combating The Oesotrgen Effect. These are all great for reducing inflammation in the body and balancing out your hormones especially if you’re oestrogen dominant and want to get lean. 1. Zinc is a mineral

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Overweight? 6 Simple Ways To Diagnose Oestrogen Dominance

The environment today is highly oestrogenic, causing oestrogen dominance in men and women all over the world. Oestrogen dominance can have a drastic effect on your mental, physical and sexual well-being. Here’s My 6 Simple Ways To Diagnose Oestrogen Dominance 1) Consistently storing unwanted body fat particularly around the abdominal area

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