“It’s official, I’m down a dress size. Just about to buy some size 8 jeans. I have not been a size 8 in 20 years.”


“I have been training with Adam for over a year and whilst I may complain from time to time I can’t deny the results. Specific areas I have improved on include posture and strength to weight training which has helped me develop lean muscle mass whilst also maintaining a high degree of aerobic fitness.”


“If you want to look hot, feel like a world beater and generally increase your fabulousness quota, then there is no better place to begin your quest than at AWPTS.”


“I have had a few health problems over the past year but AWPTS have given me the confidence and motivation to begin exercising on my own again which is a huge step forwards.”


“AWPTS is in a superb location. The studio is well equipped and perfect for busy citygoers to catch a training session at times that suit them.”


“The change in diet prescribed by AWPTS has had the biggest impact for me – I can feel a difference with my asthma, skin and general alertness even after a few days of being dairy-free. This has really helped me cope and have the energy for this very busy time of year.”

Hugo V

“I’ve been working with Adam since January. I initially lost 12kg of body fat in 2-3 months and have been working on strength and definition since. He’s very motivational and always looks out for his clients! He’s been helping me keep fit over lockdown too which has been invaluable!”

Flavia Castro

“Absolutely love Adam’s work, he is someone extremely knowledgeable professional and fun to be with! He is always looking to expand his knowledge to serve better his clients! Highly recommend his services!”

DJ Santos

“Adam offered me incredible guidance and the gym is simply just a fun place to hang out. Highly recommended!”

Dave Rosenberg

“So I have worked with Adam remotely and the one word that keeps coming up is “intuition”. This is not just a workout, this is Adam somehow knowing exactly what is going on biomechanically and addressing it. The last session I had no idea how stuck my shoulder blades were until about 30 mins in they started moving like they have not in decades! Really cool stuff and not like other trainers of which I have had many. Thanks again Adam!”

Anastasiya Kichigina

“I have met Adam by chance and was amazed him talking about his studio and a range of training programs he has. It was so inspirational and devoted, so, I started to attend his studio four months ago and highly recommend it. Studio is located in the centre of London, private settings and individual approach can make feel comfortable anyone. Adam is fantastic in personal communication, he motivates for exercises and loosing my weight. I am great full I had a chance to meet him one day and to be trained by him.”

Karla Sines

“Adam done a full body workout with me by video call and it was fantastic! Considering the circumstances with everything happening globally he is doing an amazing job at keeping me fit! I really recommend him to anyone that wants to get in shape fast.”

Barbara Gibbes

“Adam is a great trainer and highly effective with long lasting results (incl body shape, weight and posture). Best outcomes I have had anywhere, plus Adam is totally reliable. The private gym is excellent. All round I would strongly recommend.”

Aleina Torres

“He is an excellent PT, gives you the results you want and is dedicated to each and one of his clients. Highly recommend!!!”

Vy Luong

“I trained with Adam for a month and have dropped 2 dress sizes. He delivers great results with his strict methods, dedication and positive attitude. My posture and fitness have drastically improved, and I feel like a new person with so much more confidence. He’s definitely goals driven and will not take no for an answer.”

Brooke Meyers

“I have been training with Adam for 9 months and I am truly delighted with the physical and mental results – I am stronger, leaner, faster, more productive, and more relaxed. Adam’s approach for each client is unique and customized to incorporate not only their physical goals but also their personalities and approach to life. Adam’s care in understanding what motivates his clients combined with his technical knowledge yields superior results.”

Digby Summerhill

“Great PT gym, not busy good space everything you need in a gym. Adams always happy clients come in lots of motivating chat.”

Ji Bakkali

“By far one of the best personal trainers in the world – Adam’s expertise in the field of not just fitness but health as well is beyond amazing, he helped me fix a back and hip problem/pain when no one else could help me. If you want to get fit and healthy then this is the right place. It is not cheap but It is effective and worth every penny!”

Rafael Chobanyan

“Great personal trainer and great guy in general! Highly recommend for classes :)”

Sharon Rice-Oxley

“I have been working with Adam for over 3 years. He has helped me get strong and fit. He listens to what you need and works with how you are feeling. I would highly recommend trying a session.”

Marie-Claire Meredith

“I’ve been working with Adam for over a year now – it started off as training to get in shape for a race and now I am addicted! His knowledge is extensive, covering the machinations of the body as well as nutrition, pushing you past comfort barriers in a safe yet fun way.
I’m not lying when I say I could barely touch my toes when I first started and now I’m flexible enough to do back bends!! I highly recommend Adam as a personal trainer – he really will change your life!”

Emily Campin

“I’ve been training with Adam for over a year now, and I feel amazing for it. He makes going to the gym fun and enjoyable, as well as helping me feel fit and healthy. I highly recommend Adam as a personal trainer.”

Kasia Jay

“Adam White runs successfully prestigious, perfectly centrally located, holistic personal training studio.
If you are looking for postural correction, performance training, injury rehab or simply fat loss, you found the best place!”

Ella Elphick

“Adam has been training me for a year and a half, initially to get me fit and in shape for my wedding and honeymoon and the results were so great that I have carried on for a year since. I highly recommend Adam as a personal trainer, he is motivating and makes working out really fun!”


“Needed Adam to get me in shape for my wedding in under 12 weeks and he was highly recommended by work a colleague. Straight talking, results driven and very knowledgeable. Be prepared to work hard there is a method behind the madness, he’s a beast, best shape of my life!!!”

G Ad

“Adam is the best person you could choose to work out with. He knows the ways to get you do your trainer, pushes hard when you are slacking. Thanks Adam”

Free Range Human

“AWPTS is an awesome gym with all the necessary equipment to suit your training style. The personal trainers on site are highly skilled in their chosen fields and are very approachable and willing to give tips and advice on your current workout regime. Being an exclusive gym AWPTS makes for a great family atmosphere where everybody supports and motivates each other but do expect the odd bits of banter from time to time. I can’t recommend it enough!”

gayathry adhavan

“I found this place when i was looking up for a personal trainer in SW1. The head Coach, Adam White gave all the information and patiently answered my questions. Instagram and youtube (awptsuk) have more details about this studio, which gave a boost to start my training here.

The whole team is easy to talk to, helpful and perfectly put together. Located in SW1, its easy commute from my work, for a workout break. Gym is well equipped, and the trainers are skilled.Talk to anyone and they give you all tips for the workout you do.

Highly recommend this studio and the personal training team if you are looking for to get fitter, stronger and healthier.”